Brunch & Cake is so much more than an all-day dining restaurant, it is an experience. The concept was born in the homely heart of Spain, Barcelona. The brand was founded as Cup & Cake in 2010 as a coffee & cake shop, but the immediate success and demand created a need for a larger offering, creating Brunch & Cake in 2012. Manex, the founder, dedicated his life to creating inviting environments & wholesome foods using quality ingredients, authentic recipes, organic produce, all served in generous portions with a promise of ‘Grandma’s Goodness’.

CEO & Founders, Amjad & Jamal fell in love with the concept during their European tour and created the first flagship store outside of Barcelona in 2019. Brunch & Cake opened 4 restaurants across the UAE, boasting the infamous reputation it held in Barcelona. The brand is known for hosting in iconic locations with beautiful interiors, wholesome dishes, generous portions & a place which provides one of a kind experiences.

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Brunch & Cake is a company that works with and for people. We use environmentally friendly and locally-produced goods.

We are passionate about simple things made with the utmost care and the best products available.

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Brunch & Cake, UAE


Brunch & Cake, BARCELONA


Brunch & Cake, UAE


Brunch & Cake, UAE


Brunch & Cake, UAE


Brunch & Cake, UAE


Brunch & Cake, UAE


Brunch & Cake, UAE


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